Spring 2023 Specials

Spring 2023 Specials

Spring Specials 🌸🌷🌼

Keratin Treatment

Experience luxurious shine and frizz free hair with our signature keratin treatment. Our keratin is exclusively produced by a silkworm and wraps around each hairstrand to smooth it. Formeldehyde free. 20% off

Watercress Hydration Facial

Soothe dehydrated skin with a long lasting tide of daily hydration. Hyaluronic jelly quenches dry skin with skin firming 2% retinol and antioxidant rich blue matcha. $90

Sunny Mom-osa Pedicure

Greet tired feet with a champagne soak, a sunny-dippin foaming body polish, and a whipped tangerine scented shea butter to seal in a new found illumination. $50