#teampeles Team Peles


Covid lockdown can be frustrating. Loosing control over your hair can even be more frustrating. As owners of Peles Salon, we have been taking calls from guests or our salon everyday offering sound advice and simple tips to take care of roots and longer hair. My wife Jennifer’s best advice to dealing with roots is to softly conceal them either by strategically pushing hair forward while styling or adding scarfs as coverups. As a guy who loves shorter hair, it can be just as frustrating, but, after the initial annoyance of the feeling of growing out, I’ve actually started liking my longer hair, wearing it brushed back for a more refined look. I predict men’s styles will shift to longer hair in the upcoming months. Our team is so excited to get back into the salon to take care of everyone. Our one team member Katie S. suggested the team make this great #waitforus campaign. Included is the picture. As with evertything, this too shall pass and we all will be returning the salon in the hopefully near future. – Aaaaand the Peles Team will be ready for you! -JP